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Pokemon TCG: Knock Out Collection (Lucario, Bisharp, Zoroark OR Tyranitar, Shiftry, Vivillon)

Pokemon TCG: Knock Out Collection (Lucario, Bisharp, Zoroark OR Tyranitar, Shiftry, Vivillon)

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A Knock Out Deal!

Three great Pokemon Cards - steely Lucario, dangerous Bisharp, and mysterious Zoroark OR stomp-tastic Tyranitar, devious Shiftry, and colorful Vivillon – make this Knock Out Collection perfect for Pokemon fans and collectors.

These three powerful Pokemon are just the thing for Pokemon Trainers ready to expand their collection and improve their battling skills!

The Pokemon TCG: Knock Out Collection Includes:

  • 2 Pokemon Trading Card Game Booster Packs

  • 1 gleaming Pokemon coin

  • 3 specially chosen foil cards

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  • GET FOIL LUCARIO, BISHARP & ZOROARK – This random deal offers you the chance to level up your team with these 3 incredible Pokemon that create an unstoppable Trio of combined Dark, Fighting & Steel types! OR....
  • GET FOIL TYRANITAR, SHIFTRY & VIVILLON – You have a 50/50 chance of receiving a this equally dynamic trio that combines the Dark, Grass, Rock, and Flying/Bug types together into an all-out onslaught!
  • BUILD UP YOUR POKEDEX – You have the chance to add up to 6 devastatingly strong Pokemon to your Pokedex: #248 Tyranitar, #275 Shiftry, #448 Lucario, #571 Zoroark, #625 Bisharp and #666 Vivillon!
  • KNOCK OUT COLLECTION – Also includes 2 Pokemon TCG Booster Packs and 1 gleaming Pokemon coin.
  • GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL! Round out your collection and become the ultimate Pokemon Master with this and other Premium Collections, Elite Trainer Boxes and Trading Card sets.
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